z-Achse als 3. Dimension

Die Applikate ist die dritte Koordinate bzw. dritte räumliche Achse (oft z-Achse) im räumlichen kartesischen Koordinatensystem. Sie ist der Abstand von der durch Abszisse und Ordinate (zweidimensionales kartesisches Koordinatensystem) gebildeten Ebene. Sie wird oft zur Kennzeichnung der Höhe eines Punktes im Raum benutzt.

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3D coordinate system.svg
(c) I, Sakurambo, CC BY-SA 3.0

A right-handed three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system with the +z axis pointing towards the viewer. Own work, produced as a replacement for Image:3D Cartesian coordinates.PNG GRAPHING ERROR: It needs to be noted that this image is not an accurate depiction of an orthogonal 3-d coordinate system. Right angles, when rotated in the third dimension become projected as skewed. They no longer project as 90-degree angles as this image shows. A cube, for example, when looked at from one corner projects as a hexagon with 60-degree angles. According to this erroneous image, continuing rotation to the corner will result in a six-sided irregular hexagon that maintains a projection containing 90-degree angles. In other words, what is being depicted in this erroneous image is not a grid of orthogonal cubes, but rather skewed non-cubes that project their x-y plane faces as squares with 90-degree angles.

(Please remove this error notice after the image has been corrected.)